A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You don’t have enough time and It doesn’t really matter how you came here, just follow the road and keep attention to the rhythm, the vortex will lead you to your destination, we will meet soon...


Triplet is a platform game taking place in mixed spaces, combining shapes, colors, and music. The game was made as part of a game jam course taking place in both Bezalel Academy of Arts and design, and the Hebrew  University of Jerusalem.

The team:

Shahaf HermannNadav AlaliPaz ShribmanItai Snapier, August Blicher Friis.


so far...

For mac users

The MacOS version will sometimes say the file is damaged. This is due to the Mac's gate keeper blocking it. In order to fix this issue, open the mac's Terminal application, and write the following command (Don't press 'enter' yet!):

sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine 

Next, hit 'space' and drag the application file to the terminal window. Hit 'enter', and input the computer’s password (to grant admin permission). Finally, hit enter again.

The game should now work properly!


Triplet_MacOS.zip 59 MB
Triplet_Windows.zip 50 MB

Development log


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please do Linux version 

I think this is a really good game :D very smooth and polished too

Thank you!